Property Selection Criteria – We’re really good at this!

Builder / Developer track record
• We know who the good ones are and more importantly the ones you need to avoid.
• We know what type of product they deliver
• We know their financial position and their building history
• We do full due diligence on each builder / developer before we recommend their properties
• We only work for you
• Our clients get better deals and added value service
• Often negotiate with builder / developer for better prices due to our purchasing power
• Our clients never pay us any money and there are no membership fees of any kind
• We help you find quality tenants quickly
• Some of our properties have a 5 or 10 year leaseback guarantee
• We review your rent annually – our focus is for you to achieve maximum rental yield
• We know what the true vacancy rates are in each location
• Time in the market is important but more
importantly so is time into the market
• We understand property cycles – we know what city is going up or down in value and when
• We know what infrastructure and employment is being established in the area
• We advise when is the best time to buy and or sell
Design & Inclusions
• We help our clients select the best properties with the best orientation, aspect, position, floor plans & price
• Assess whether property will appeal to investors and / or owner occupiers
• Identify whether project & property is well designed
• Our ability to negotiate better level of inclusions on your behalf at no cost to you
Depth & Evidence
• Can you resale your property relatively quickly should the need arise and at a profit
• We make sure that our clients actually make money from property investment
• We implement a detailed financial strategy for each client
• Each client knows upfront their out of pocket weekly expenses