Getting The Timing Right


Timing is an essential element of successful property investment, and the old adage location, location, location still rings true today.

Understanding where a city sits in the property investment market cycle is crucial if you are to time your purchase to take advantage of market swings. Obviously, you want to buy when the market is first rising, not when it has peaked. So how do you determine what market represents optimum timing?

  • Look for areas that show significant population growth over the next 7 – 10 years

  • Research level of demand and property supply levels – it needs to be either neutral or deficient to the demands of local population growth.

  • Look for a market that displays a level of increasing demand.

  • Always ensure the property is designed and priced relevant to its local market 


If positive, – then NOW is the time to buy selected property in that region.


The annual percentage change to the median house price in our capital cities, is not, if ever, synchronised. One city is levelling off, while another is rising.


Astute property investors avoid the peaks and falls, only buying when the Property Investment market has levelled out and had its first rise.


So, where are Australia’s capital cities in the current market cycle, and which cities are poised to offer the greatest capital gain over the next term?


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