Workshops & Seminars

Property investment seminars and workshops can fast track your knowledge

Held in association with our key referral partners such as accountants, mortgage brokers, financial planners and banks, our workshops and seminars are an ideal way to accelerate your knowledge and understanding of property investment.

Register now to learn how affordable investment property can be, and start building a secure portfolio for your retirement future.

Our seminars will answer some key property investment questions, such as:

  • Which property markets offer the best opportunity right now? and,

  • Where and what type of property to buy in which city?

Property investment workshops can also increase your understanding of issues such as:
  • Property location

  • Location demographics

  • Population and economic growth

  • Land availability

  • Construction levels

  • Property type and style appropriate to local demand

  • Proper market value

  • Past capital growth

  • Building construction allowance

  • Fixtures & fittings depreciation values

  • Appropriate finance

  • Occupancy rate

  • Property management