Robust process for property selection

Understanding your situation 
Australian Property Masters (APM) will initially meet with you to discuss your current financial situation, investment goals and identify your requirements, budget and timing. APM will discuss strategies to help you determine what type of property you are comfortable with. They discuss an ‘exit strategy’ with you – so that you know what you can expect
now and in the future when you want to sell the property.

APM searches nationally for the best investment opportunities in the most dynamic locations, which show great potential for capital growth and consistent long-term rental returns. We use proven selection formulas for houses, townhouses, villas and apartments.

  • What is the infrastructure in the selected location

  • Regular site inspections and ensure council approvals are in place

  • Assess the builder and developer track record, and their financial position

  • Examine the ratio between owner occupiers and investors within the development

  • Review and evaluate the tax position for investors including depreciation

  • Examine floor plans, aspect, price, orientation and position

Quality properties

Investors don’t have to waste time sifting through inferior investment opportunities – APM typically rejects 9 out of every 10 properties it analyses.

Strategy implementation

APM will develop a strategy and implement an action plan to help you purchase your property within your time frame. We liaise with your accountant, financial planner, mortgage broker, and your solicitor to ensure a smooth process. We will also put you in touch with property managers in the area to ensure your investment is managed appropriately.

Regular review 

APM will keep you up to date with how the property market is performing in your selected location. 
Many of APM’s clients have multiple investment properties and have strong, on-going relationships
with Leon and the APM team.