Is Market Timing Important?

Timing is an essential element of successful property investment. The old adage location, location, location still rings true today.
Understanding where a city sits in the property investment market cycle is crucial if you are to time your purchase to take advantage of market swings.

Why Is Tax & Depreciation So Important?

All combined, your building construction allowances, fixtures and fittings depreciation values, and appropriate finance and occupancy rates, can pay in most cases over 93% – even 100% * towards your monthly holding costs. (*At time of writing and type of property selected)

How Is Personal Information Kept Confidential?

We keep your financial and personal information confidential. If necessary, we will seek your permission to pass on information required internally by us or an approved third party.

Does APM Provide Finance?

We are not financiers or mortgage brokers. Our clients have complete freedom to choose their own source of finance, or review a finance package from other lending institutions that we may recommend.

Do I Need To Inspect The Property?

Not in all cases but we encourage our clients to personally inspect any property recommendations that we make.

Do I Need Independent Legal Advice?

You may use your own solicitor or we can recommend a range of solicitors that we believe to be independent of both the vendor and Australian Property Masters. The choice of solicitor you use is solely at your discretion.

What type of real estate can I buy as an SMSF investment property?

1. You can buy residential, commercial or industrial property
2. You cannot buy your own principal place of residence in a SMSF
3. You can buy your own commercial premises and lease them back to your company

Are Property Contracts Subject to Finance?

We will instruct the vendor’s solicitor to prepare a contract of sale subject to the purchaser obtaining appropriate finance, or advise the purchaser not to exchange contracts prior to finance being formally approved.

Do You Provide Independent Valuations?

We encourage you to seek access to the valuation of the property commissioned by the vendor’s lending institution. If access is denied, we recommend you to obtain a second independent valuation by a registered valuer to substantiate the value of the property. The second valuation is paid for and addressed to you.

What Are The Accounting and Taxation Issues?

There are many incentives and concessions granted to the property investor by the Australian Tax Office. We encourage our clients to consult with their own accountant or an independent, qualified accountant for advice and lodgement of appropriate documents.

What About Tenancy & Rent Assessments?

When procuring rental assessment letters, we will always solicit conservative current market rentals, assessed by licensed property management agencies, local to the subject property.

How Much Is Stamp Duty?

See our list of useful websites for detailed information.

Will I Have To Pay Capital Gains Tax When I Sell?

Yes, however, you should check with your accountant or the ATO website for rates and more information: