Quality residential real estate has long been considered essential to a balanced investment portfolio, and for obvious reasons – it has proven long term ‘above inflation’ capital growth; provides inflation proof rental income; can attract significant taxation savings courtesy of the Australian Tax Office*; and allows for a dramatic acceleration of net wealth through the benefits of leveraging – accumulating compound growth based on the original value of the property, not merely the growth of money invested to keep it.

However, there are a number of pitfalls for unwary investors and success is dependent on a myriad of factors:

Is the timing appropriate to the location and local market forces?
Where, when and what type of property should you purchase?
How tax effective is the property selected?
How should it be ‘geared’?
How do you select the right lender and the appropriate loan to maximise returns?
How do you compile a detailed financial investment analysis?
What myriad of factors and issues need careful scrutiny before deciding on a property?
All these issues, and many more, are essential considerations when formulating a sound property investment strategy.

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Who you rely on for this advice will have a significant bearing on the success of your investment.

Australian Property Masters specialises in this demanding domain and look forward to earning the right to your business.

* Australian tax payers only

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